Hooded Tee: Green (with black zippers)

Product Description

The Hooded-Tees are great to wear inside and outside of the gym. Stylish and simple!


Blend: 100% Cotton

These Hooded-Tees are stylish and simple at the same time. Perfect for inside the gym or outside the gym.

Size model is wearing: Large 

*Just order the same size performance shirt that you wear, and you will be fine.


Sizing: (inches)

small-     (chest) 40.9   (waist)38.2   (bottom)41.3

medium- (chest) 42.9   (waist)40.2   (bottom)43.3

large-     (chest) 44.9    (waist)42.2   (bottom)45.3

1x-         (chest) 46.9    (waist)44.2  (bottom)47.3

2x-         (chest) 48.9     (waist)46.2   (bottom)49.3


Washing Instructions:

-Turn inside out

-Wash in cold water; have the tumble level setting at low or delicate

-Dry in low heat or delicate setting. 

$ 29.99